16 yo girls aren't even motivated enough to get off the couch.

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16-year-old white girl was arrested over her "detailed plan to commit murder" at a predominately black church in Georgia.

Police say the church had been "targeted by the juvenile based on the racial demographic of the church members." abcn.ws/2O48MgJ

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2009 Lasted 8 months & only garbage cans were set on fire.

2019 Day 3 more than 100 Government Buildings & Banks burned down!

They are protesting decades of oppression!

Iran Govt shut down Internet & MSM won’t report on this!

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Sad if real.

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I’ve been texted more video of police shooting protesters in Iran, which they can’t share because they don’t have wi-fi. This is upsetting. Please cover this @nytimes@twitter.com @voxdotcom@twitter.com @vicenews@twitter.com @AP@twitter.com

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