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Disney couldn't scrap the name altogether, otherwise people would notice that we only have 1 entertainment industry partner. (Monopolies are something we don't like to talk about.) twitter.com/THETonyMorrison/st

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Our new rules for airlines say they don't have to cater to passengers who are too scared to fly without an "emotional support" animal. We've yet to decide whether to allow miniature horses.

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@PeterMcCormack@twitter.com If that were the case, climate alarmists would be eager to debate and expose me.

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Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

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Compared to threats topping the National Fear Agenda, how much do you fear the new virus from China?

From the list below, select the threat you fear *more* than . If you fear several items more, select the one you fear the most.

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Love the occult numerology.

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Death toll rises to 17 due to coronavirus outbreak in Hubei province, China's state TV says. Number of confirmed cases up slightly to 444.

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