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Hi Amhed what test is being used in Ontario? How many amplifications of the PCR are we using?

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Regional cases in :
- No. of active cases (13 of 34 PHU w less than 5 cases)
- New cases in the last 7 days (16 of 34 PHU reported fewer than 5 cases)
- Cases per capita
- Total # of cases


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"Canada is not in a second wave, but coronavirus cases increasing sharply: Tam"

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Why engage with a shameless media shill 🙁

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Well we just want choice so many politicians I’ve spoken to will not endorse or support mandatory vaccination... twitter.com/piersmorgan/status

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In Sadiq Khan’s London, police run from violent Black Lives Matter rioters, but run towards peaceful anti-lockdown protesters.

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Wanna know the secret to the news' headlines? Watch this video (and see you at EscapeNewNormal.com for more).

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For the record,I am not anti-vacc,or anti mask

I simply believe people should be given the choice.

The Govt has no right to dictate what I wear or what I put in my body.

I also don’t care about someone else’s definition of the ‘greater good’

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The worst kept secret in history – Johnson says ‘second wave inevitable’ – I said this and called the time in April because it’s a script. Watch my live-stream at 5pm UK today to see what is really going on ow.ly/Jnpt50Bvpiw

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